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Actress A.J. Johnson Says She Earned More By Selling Her Rights To A ‘House Party’ Scene Than She Did For The Movie


When debating legendary movie dance scenes, the comedy/romance “House Party,” directed and written by Reginald Hudlin, is most likely a part of the discussion.

The dance scene from the ’90s classic features the Hip-Hop group Kid’ n Play, comprised of Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin, actress Tisha Campbell, and actress and choreographer A.J. Johnson. This scene focuses on an iconic dance-off that fans replicate to this day. 

While “House Party” has created a long-lasting impact for over three decades, it’s been revealed that the pay at the time for the cast’s contribution may not have been what one would expect.

In an interview with sports journalist Jemele Hill on her YouTube channel “Jemelle Hill Is Unbothered,” Johnson, who choreographed for the “House Party” dance scene, claimed that she was paid $4,000 for her role as Sharane after filming for up to two months.

“We all made four grand,” Johnson told Hill.

Johnson also shared how she and Play, Christopher Martin, made additional income from a Burger King commercial based on one of their scenes from the film that referenced the fast food giant.

“Once the movie came out and it was such a hit, Burger King came and asked Play and I if we would sign the rights to one of our scenes for a commercial,” Johnson recounted to the host.

She added, “We made more money on that commercial than we made doing the movie.”

Although the pay was lower than expected, Johnson credits Hudlin with providing her and the cast with a platform for creative expression and collaboration.

According to IMDb, “House Party” grossed over $26 million worldwide. The sequels to the film, including “House Party 2” and “House Party 3,” were also successful at the box office. In 2023, LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Company produced the “House Party” remake.

What’s more, the movie’s impact on American culture has been more than just a dance craze. In 2022, per HuffPost, The Library of Congress added the film to its National Film Registry. 

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