After Winning The ACC Tournament, NC State Head Coach Kevin Keatts Just Earned A Huge Raise


The NCAA Tournament field is announced today, but we’ve already seen plenty of March Madness during conference tournaments. Several teams that had no chance of making the tournament otherwise have surprisingly won their conference tournaments, defeating top opponents in consecutive days. Perhaps the most impressive performance came from North Carolina State. The Wolfpack disposed of Louisville and Syracuse in the first two rounds, then defeated Duke, Virginia, and North Carolina — with legendary UNC coach Roy Williams in the crowd — in the final three days of the tournament. NC State needed to win all those games to go dancing, and after doing so, the school will hear its name called on Selection Sunday.

While there’s plenty to celebrate, NC State head coach Kevin Keatts will also be earning a nice financial bonus. His contract includes language that gives him a two-year contract extension and a raise for winning the ACC Tournament, plus a bonus for reaching the NCAA Tournament.

Keatts’s contract will now run through the 2029-30 season. Starting next year, he’ll get a $400,000 annual raise. He’ll also receive $100,000 for winning the ACC Tournament and at least $25,000 for making the NCAA Tournament.

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There’s a bit of math to figure out Keatts’ total compensation, so let’s start with the easiest part: the $100,000 for winning the ACC Tournament. By winning the conference, the Wolfpack are guaranteed a spot in the Round of 64 (as opposed to a First Four appearance), so Keatts will also get at least a $25,000 bonus. He’ll have the chance to earn more for any victories his team gets in the NCAA Tournament.

Keatts currently makes $2.7 million per year. Add $400,000 to each of the four years remaining on his original contract, and that’s $1.6 million. Assuming no additional raises, he’ll make $3.1 million during the 2028-29 and 2029-30 seasons, potentially $7,925,000 in extra money.

Things get complicated if Keatts gets fired without cause sometime over the next six years. His money is split between a base salary and supplemental compensation, which includes nonprofit and media appearances, shoe agreements, and letting the university use his name, image, and likeness in promotional materials.

Currently, Keatts’ base salary is $1.5 million. It will increase to $1.54 million next season and could include subsequent raises in future years. Should the university fire Keatts, he’d only earn his base salary as a buyout, not the supplemental income.

So, Keatts will make $2,525,000 at the very least, and he could make just shy of $8 million. Not bad for a week’s worth of work.

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