Akon Admits His Brother Performed As Double at His Shows In His Absence


Fans have recently reacted to recording artist Akon admitting that his brother, Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam, was employed to perform as his double during a show he could not attend.

Akon admitted that he used to employ his brother Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam as his double when he couldn’t make it to a show.


The singer and entrepreneur admitted the act during an interview on The Morning Hustle when he was asked about the claims made by recording artist T-Pain earlier in the year.

“Let me clear some things up so we all know, Bu was my double. He was my double. This was before the internet. If you saw Abou in one place and you saw me, you couldn’t tell the difference.”

When Akon first began touring, he says Bu actually started out as his hype man.

But Akon eventually had to pass on shows due to time conflicts and came up with what he viewed as the perfect short-term solution.

“I was like, ‘Man, all this money I’m leaving on the table. We cannot leave all this money on the table,” he laughed.

As far as singing goes, Akon says his brother did not have that task covered.

During the era in which Akon and his brother would perform these stunts, the only way the audience could tell the difference was that Bu wore hats and Akon wouldn’t, according to the singer.

While the situation may be old, it recently resurfaced as many took to Twitter, sharing their thoughts on the whole ordeal.



Akon also joked that his brother, Omar, tried the same thing once without his permission.

“That was probably the funniest part of our lives,” he recalled. 

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