Anne Heche’s Estate Is Having Trouble Paying $6 Million In Debt Claims


Anne Heche died under horrifying circumstances after crashing her car into a house in 2022. Unfortunately the family’s pain has continued, Recently, Anne’s son Homer Laffoon filed legal documents claiming that as the executor of her estate, he’s having difficulty paying off the myriad debts that have been generated in the wake of the actress’s death. Heche’s estate has some $6 million in debt from various creditors to pay, but Laffoon is attempting to settle up without having to actually go to court.

The filing states in part:

“Due to the numerous sources of income, coupled with the lack of records or financial organization by the Decedent, royalty payment procedures in the entertainment industry, and the relatively unusual circumstances of decedent’s passing and the resulting potential litigation, it has taken a substantial amount of time and effort to move the administration forward.”

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The filing claims that the estate’s “modest bank account, royalty payments, and other residual income from [Heche’s] pre-death projects” aren’t enough to cover the claims from various creditors, the highest of which come to about $2 million each. Some of the claims are related to the accident. For example, the owner of the house she crashed into and the person who was renting the home at the time have BOTH filed $2 million claims against the estate. And then there are various incidental debts apparently, like a $149,106.04 debt claimed by ex-boyfriend Tom Jane, who in 2022 reportedly sued her estate over that amount from an unpaid loan.

Homer Laffoon also says in the filing that he is “cautiously optimistic the creditor claims can all be resolved fairly and without litigation,” but it’s clearly not a sunny financial picture for the estate, even including residuals from her posthumously published memoir “Call Me Anne.” Altogether, the filing estimates the estate’s assets today equate to around $110,000, down from the $400,000 that was reported after her death. Heche also reportedly left behind a sole proprietor LLC and various “tangible personal property items.”

The filing comes as the Venice house Heche crashed into was recently put up for sale following extensive restoration work. It’s been listed for $1.35 million.

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