Black Designer’s Visit to a Museum Inspired Her to Launch Original Shawl Collection


When Queens New York designer Dr. Tenaria Drummond-Smith visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, she had no idea that she was going to be inspired to launch her very own shawl collection.

But that’s exactly what happened when she saw an exhibit of an original shawl worn by Harriet Tubman in 1911. She says that after being inspired by it, she prayed about designing her own line of shawls without using any patterns. She calls it the SWAG SHAWL.

Harriet Tubman’s shawl in the museum had square patterns made with materials of silk, lace, and linen, which she wore by folding in half and draping over her shoulders. However, the more Dr. Drummond-Smith crocheted, the more her design took a circular shape that had incredible features. For example, when worn, it moves gracefully from side to side.

Another feature is that the SWAG SHAWL can be preserved for a lifetime, and is unique, one of a kind, and classic.
Every stitch is strategically handcrafted and comes in several different colors. One of the shawls that she designed for a client is a bright yellow shawl with a blue and orange trim, and upon receiving it, the customer said, “I will wear my SWAG SHAWL all around the world.”

Another of her selected SWAG SHAWL designs is now being featured at the Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center in Cambridge, Maryland.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.

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