Black Foodie Finder Launches Platform To Find Quality Content From The Black Foodie Community


In search for some good food, head over to the Black Foodie Finder and find what satisfies your tastebuds.

Black Foodie Finder, a news and information-driven platform for urban foodies, has been created as a central site for Black Foodies to share their content, event, and news.

According to Yahoo Finance, The platform was launched as a space for foodies to connect and share interests surrounding food, business, and entertainment. Black Foodie Finder is the bridge between the Black community and the latest in the food industry.

“Black Foodie Finder is a platform for all the Black Foodies to gather around, Explore people’s creative talent through their food and business,” according to a statement from the founder. “Here you can find whatever you are looking for news, recipes, event, and many more.

Additionally, Black Foodie Finder publishes news blogs and visitors on the platform can find and connect with restaurants and chefs that appeal to their specific food desires.

“Our community includes foodies, chefs, event planners, attendees, and anyone needing a virtual tastebud awakening,” the founder added. “We strive to be a resource for Black Foodies all around the world. We will continue to share meaningful content that inspires others to enjoy the Black Foodie Lifestyle!”

The site’s food experts also offer interviews and in-depth editorials spotlighting food professionals and creators committed to their culinary crafts while honoring their heritage as African Americans. The platform aims to extend resources and opportunities to support like-minded foodies, in addition to promoting their network of creatives, culinary entrepreneurs, and non-profits throughout their community.

Those who connect through the platform can find resources to enhance their own culinary skills and recipes. People who are interested in becoming a part of this community and staying updated are encouraged to download The Black Restaurant & Foodie Directory App, which is available on iOS and Android.

According to the Black Foodie Finder website, the platform is presently accepting new partnerships.

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