Black Men Travel Collective To Bring Fashion and Networking To Miami


Internationally renowned, Black Menswear is a champion for positive representation in a world where racism and anti-Blackness is the presence and utilization of stereotypes.

In the legendary spirit of Frederick Douglass’ battle against racist imagery, Black Menswear created a FlashMob series, originating in Dallas, in which the traveling collective strives to bring Black men together, suited and booted, to create culture-shifting viral content.

From Atlanta and Detroit to Accra to Toronto, this ongoing five-year effort echoes the brand’s vision of working to improve the perception of the Black man and changing the negative narrative portrayed in the media.

“It’s important for us to write our own narratives, our own stories,” NeAndre Broussard, the CEO of Black Menswear, told The Miami Herald.

Change-makers at heart, the dapper men of Black Menswear will be hosting one of their widely popular FlashMobs at the FTX Arena in Miami on the Saturday morning of Dec. 17, per the news outlet. The event marks the second one in Miami, where they employ local photographers and celebrate each other.

The group is inviting men of all ages to show up and show out in their suit jackets to participate in the electric part-networking-event, part-fashion-show. All the ladies are free to come and support.

“The FlashMob series is a meetup that allows brothers to have free space to be able to empower each other, to share ideas, to network – but look good doing it,” Broussard said.

The highly anticipated Miami event comes full circle after last year’s acknowledgment by Miami-Dade Commission Chairman Oliver Gilbert III.

At the 2021 Black Menswear FlashMob on Dec. 18, Broussard posed alongside Gilbert with an official proclamation declaring the day Black Menswear FlashMob Day.

“It’s about the connectivity. You’ll find that with us growing our network, people are getting opportunities from people that no one knows. They’re getting jobs and getting more clients because of the connectivity with ordinary Black men,” Rock Mitchell, Creative Director, told Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

In driving impact, Black Menswear sparks conversations with their Youtube channel and a podcast dubbed The Check-In. They also work with organizations to amplify their initiatives and welcome them to connect with others at the FlashMob events.

Stay tuned for next year’s schedule. Register here.

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