Black Woman Shoots Kansas City Firefighter, Prosecutors Cite Self-Defense


In the Kansas City shooting of an off-duty firefighter, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the woman involved acted in self-defense and won’t be facing murder charges.

Earlier this month, Anthony “Tony” Santi, 41, was shot in the back during a physical altercation with 23-year-old Ja’Von Taylor. 

Fox 4 Kansas City reported that the two men were at a Road Star gas station on Oct. 6 when Santi witnessed Taylor disputing with the clerk about not having his desired brand of cigars. Taylor was told to the leave store, and when he refused, Santi also told him to leave.

According to court records, Taylor hurled threats toward Santi and then a fight broke out between them in the establishment’s parking lot. The documents also indicate that Taylor and Santi were wrestling over a gun that Taylor allegedly had possession of and had pulled out.

A woman who initially arrived at the store with Taylor picked up the gun and pointed it at Santi, according to a cell phone video. She can be heard screaming in fear to let Taylor go as Santi held him in a chokehold and pinned him to the ground.

“You’re killing him!” she yelled out. The woman even mentioned that her kids were in the car. Soon after, she fired a round that ultimately killed Santi.

As KCTV5 reported, Taylor is facing weapons charges, but the woman who pulled the trigger, will not be. The decision cited self-defense and it was determined after reviewing the evidence in the case.

“An officer will be upset because they don’t understand why the case was declined,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker explained during a crime forum on Tuesday night.

“If a case is declined, it’s just because we don’t believe there’s sufficient evidence to get to that highest burden of proof.”


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