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Blueface And Chrisean Rock Abusive Relationship Should Not Be Your Entertainment, It’s Not Funny


Hip-hop artist Blueface and his girlfriend, musical artist Chrisean Rock, have played out their relationship battles in the public eye. Their most recent fight ended in Rock being arrested at an Arizona nightclub after she was caught on video allegedly punching Blueface in the face more than once.

Rock was in town for a hosting gig at the Whiskey Row bar in Scottsdale when she and Blueface seemed to be arguing on video, Blavity reported. Rock attempts to walk away and is pulled by her braids by Blueface, and after he grabs her, she is pushed back. Then she seems to be sitting down. She gets up and she is then seen hitting Blueface, not once but twice in the face with a closed fist. Club security restrained her until the Scottsdale Police Department (SPD) arrived.

The video also shows Rock being pinned down to the ground by SPD before being put into a police car. 

Blueface posted info about the toxic incident on her Instagram account.

“Free Rock,” he said in the video clip. “I let her hit me in my s**t. We ain’t never make the same mistake twice. She hit me this time, aye, OK. Security took her. The police took her. Cuh, what can I do? She hit me with a banger on Crip. Boom. I’m like, woooo. I ain’t even doing nothing. She’ll be right. Free Rock.

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The couple was involved in a physical fight on the streets of Hollywood in early August.

Black America isn’t seeing the toxicity of the relationship played out. 

“There’s absolutely nothing funny or attractive about Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s abusive relationship. The public’s consumption of it as entertainment is disgusting. It’s alarming & no one will take it serious until one of them end up seriously hurt or worse,” tweeted Jerome Trammel.

Qing Of Pentacles replied, “Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Bc violence as entertainment is never a good genre in real life..& people applauding and gettin off on their toxicity and abuse…makes me sad for the future of many folx.”

“I don’t find this Chrisean and Blueface entertaining AT ALL. And The way the blogs use their abusive relationship as “content” is despicable,” MBall tweeted.

“So tired of hearing about Chrisean & BlueFace. Stop condoning toxic behavior. Ladies get a fucking grip. Do better!” Naz tweeted.

“I am so sick and tired of hearing about Chrisean and Blueface. Everyday is a new story about them. As toxic as that relationship is, they’ll keep going back to each other because their demons are comfortable with each other. They gotta want to be helped for themselves. It’s sick,” Lando tweeted.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 40 percent of Black women have experienced intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner sexual violence and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes. And more than half of Black adult female homicides are related to intimate partner violence.

But Black men can also be the victims of domestic violence.

Blueface may seem to be brushing off the fight, but many say that Black men often hide the abuse they may suffer due to stigma. 

“We—especially Black women—need to create emotionally safe spaces for Black men to be able to seek help when they need it. We need to make sure we are open to what someone is saying and not negating their experience by telling them they are allowing it to happen or laughing at them because of their gender,” wrote Ebony writer Neffer-Oguntunde A. Kerr in a recent article.

She added, “The most detrimental thing you can do to someone who is attempting to share their pain is to minimize, ridicule, or call them a name (stupid, punk, soft, b****, etc). We always claim we want the men in our lives to be honest with us, but that cannot happen in an emotionally hostile or dismissive environment. Abuse knows no color, race, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or gender.”

If you or someone you know is being abused, here are some resources: In the U.S. and Canada: Call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

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