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British Singer FKA Twigs Explains Why She Created Her Own Deepfake


In recent years, musicians have been pushing for regulations around artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry.

As previously reported by AFROTECH™, in February 2024, artists such as Mary J. Blige, Cardi B, 21 Savage, and more signed an open letter in support of the bipartisan bill No Artificial Intelligence Fake Replicas and Unauthorized Duplications Act (or No AI Fraud Act), which aims to regulate AI deepfakes and AI cloning of both voice and likeness.

While the movement against AI deepfakes continues, one artist is using the controversial technology to her advantage.

BBC reports that FKA Twigs went before the U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee to say that artists should have ownership over how AI uses their voice and overall likeness in addition to how there is music online that she didn’t create yet it emulates her voice. The British singer revealed that she had created her own deepfake, AI twigs, with the purpose of allowing her to focus on her artistry.

“These and similar technologies are highly valuable tools. This, however, is all under my control and I can grant or refuse consent in a way that is meaningful,” FKA Twigs explained, according to BBC.

She continued, “What is not acceptable is when my art and my identity can simply be taken by a third party and exploited falsely for their own gain without my consent due to the absence of appropriate legislative control.”

According to FKA Twigs, her deepfake has the ability to speak French, Korean, and Japanese. Moreover, with her next studio album on the way, she plans on using AI Twigs for her social media accounts, press and promotion, so she can focus on her project.

“So it means if it’s something simple that doesn’t really require my heart, I can do a one-liner and give it to people to promote a piece of work and it’s harmless, but ultimately I can spend more time making something that’s really meaningful for my fans,” she said, per BBC.

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