Buju Banton Denounces High Costs For Concerts In Jamaica


Jamaican musician Buju Banton has urged his fans not to go broke just to see a show, contributing to the growing cause against ticketing platforms charging high costs and predatory fees.

In an interview with radio station Irie Fm, Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, spoke about not wanting fellow Jamaicans to go into debt to enjoy artists’ music.

“I am aware of what’s going on in Jamaica, I don’t want Jamaica to come take out a loan to come and see Buju, in the name of Jesus, you understand, I want to make the price affordable, so that Jamaicans can enjoy their culture and see their culture on display,” shared the musician.

His consideration of his people’s pockets led him to change the date of his headlining “Intimate” concert to 2025, as reported by World Music Views.

He continued further about his decision to postpone the event,

“I don’t want you to go and take out a loan and put yourself in debt for six years. Why would you pay so much money where you have to put yourself in debt, so we want to space ourselves out so my people can sort themselves out and live their lives and we celebrate.”

The concert will also feature some of Jamaica’s prominent artists, including Beres Hammond and Tarrus Riley on the same stage as Banton. The performance, which was conducted at Grizzlys Plantation in Priory St. Ann on New Years Day, will be pushed to January 2025.

The performance will be held bi-annually to give attendees time to plan and pay for tickets.

However, it is not just the costliness that the 50-year-old wants remedied, but also the infrastructure that limits the quality experience concertgoers on the Carribean Island deserve.

“We are not paying attention to our culture, its all about tourism so why don’t we have a facility,” questioned the singer. “We are in this position where we have to play outside. […] It’s something that the powers that be need to look at.”


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