Chaka Khan Shades Singers Who Use Auto-Tune — Says They Should ‘Get a Job at the Post Office’


The legendary soul singer Chaka Khan is calling out the music acts of today who resort to using auto-tune in their songs instead of raw vocal range.

Chaka was at the Angel Ball on Monday, where she performed a few of her soulful hits like “I’m Every Woman” and “Tell Me Something Good,” Page Six reports. While at the annual fundraiser for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, the songstress expressed her distaste for current-day singers who she feels don’t give their all when recording new music.

“There is some great stuff out there, and there are some great artists,” Chaka Khan said. “There’s some very fine young artists out there doing great, great work that I am impressed with.”

“But the others, they just need to get them a job at the Post Office — they are always hiring!” she quipped.

“People are using Auto-tune. They need to get to the Post Office quick.”

The legendary soul diva also expressed her sorrow for the more talented singers she feels are insecure in embracing what they have to offer the music industry.

“I feel very sad. It saddens me deeply that so much… insecurity is present in these girls,” she said. “They really need to know that they are the gold and that they really are precious.”

The 69-year-old 10-time Grammy winner is known for not biting her tongue when speaking on today’s music. Chaka Khan has called out Kanye West for the way he used her 1980s hit, “Through The Fire,” on his 2003 rap debut, “Through The Wire.”

“I was upset about sounding like a chipmunk ’cause he didn’t put that when he asked [if he could] sample my song,” Chaka told Good Day D.C.

“He didn’t mention he was going to speed it up three times its normal speed.

The songstress credited the experience for changing her perspective on allowing artists to use her music.

“Had he, I would’ve had something to say. But since I didn’t think of that, believe me, I think of it now. [When someone asks to sample my music] I ask, ‘How are we gonna do this?’”

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