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Charles ‘Ceej Vega’ Johnson Felt ‘Boxed In’ As A Software Engineer — So He Started A Web3 Design Agency


“So, the software aspect, that’s pretty much the back end of AR when it comes to  scripting and implementing,” Johnson explained. “On the front end, 3D and motion graphics are the visual elements. So, when you combine the 3D and motion graphics with the scripting and the software development, that’s what breeds AR.”

He added, “It was a natural progression into AR. For me personally as an artist, I loved how AR opened up the ability to give consumers the interactive element and the ability to immerse themselves in the media versus just consuming and viewing. Consumers were able to actually see themselves within it. They were able to interact with it. So, I then fell in love with the additional layer of expression that augmented reality brought to the table.”

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