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Chicago Is a Hell Hole, It’s Living The Purge


Some are questioning how a candidate running for the governor’s seat in Illinois will help govern one of the state’s biggest cities if he considers it a “hell hole.” That is the question people are asking MAGA gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey. Republican Bailey, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, called Chicago, the fastest growing city in Illinois, a “hell hole” and that residing in the city is like living “The Purge.”

“The Purge” was a 2013 horror film in which all crimes became legal for a span of 12 hours once a year.

The GOP gubernatorial nominee is a downstate farmer and state senator. He has been living in Chicago, renting in the building formerly known as the John Hancock Center, according to his campaign.

The 100-story high-rise is considered one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings. Bailey moved there to “immerse” himself “in the culture” of a city he’s repeatedly called a “hell hole.”

“I want to immerse myself in the culture,” Bailey said at a press conference. “You can’t deny there’s problems here. And if we keep denying there’s problems, the problems are going to get worse.

Bailey also told reporters, “Chicago is living the purge, when criminals ravage at will, and the cops stand down.”

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It is true Chicago, like most major cities across the country, has seen a spike in crime this year. Murders and shootings are generally down in the city, however, The Chicago Sun-Times reported. But they are up in the two police districts downtown — the 1st, which covers most of the Loop, and the 18th district. The former Hancock high-rise where Bailey is staying is in the 18th. Murders there are up 50 percent from 2021 and shootings are up 31 percent. Overall crime, which includes shootings, murders, sexual assaults, robberies, aggravated battery and other serious offenses, increased 51 percent.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, took offense at Bailey’s disparaging remarks about the city.

She went to Twitter to slam his campaign, calling it a “dumpster fire.”

The general election for governor will be held on November 8, 2022. Bailey will go up against incumbent, Democrat J.B. Pritzkie.

Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey, the Republican nominee for governor, is surrounded by county sheriffs, Sept. 6, 2022. Bailey promised to restore the death penalty and eliminate cash bail. (AP Photo/John O’Connor)

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