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Does A Black Community Really Exist In America?


A popular influencer on Twitter sparked a debate this week when he said the Black community no longer exists.

“There is no Black community. This sh*t been cooked,” @MaadyBK67 tweeted on Tuesday, Dec. 27. Identified as Ahmaad on his social media pages, the influencer’s bio says he’s the creative director for Represent NYC.

On its Instagram page, the Represent NYC series is described as “A visual, audio & soulful dedication to the Greatness of Black Men, Women & Children from the Concrete Kingdoms of NYC.”

Known to be outspoken about what he feels is the frivolity of the gender wars and culture wars permeating the Black Diaspora on social media, Ahmaad often speaks on Black issues.

Some agreed with him on his perception of the Black community’s non-existence while others said his logic was faulty.

“Yep, every man and woman for himself at this point. Fix and protect what you can for your family. I been off that black unity community stuff for a while now,” @dollofthestars tweeted.

Twitter user @blknovascotian responded, “a *true* black ‘community’ cannot exist within a system a racism/white supremacy.”

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“There is a Black community and like all communites it has positive and negative attributes,” @YoitsBo chimed in. “One of the negative attributes is a lack of coherent, community oriented response to systemic racism and bigotry. Everybody tries to cut their own deal with the powers that be.”

“I understand your sentiment. But I disagree. There’s a black community. We just under attack and pacified. And the entire society is bought in on our subjugation,” @eihbeezy responded.

“The majority of the Black’ community’ in these days & times operate individualistically,” Ahmaad replied. “There’s barely no cities, towns or areas in this country that are predominately Black owned, Black operated & Black run with Black money. This sh*t is cooked.”

Two users, @JustChillBruh and @nahdoe123, responded by giving examples of specific regions where they said a Black community does exist.

“You need to go to Prince George’s County, MD it’s literally nothing but thriving black owned town, they got the same thing going on in the Charlotte NC area. It’s not as rare as we think,” @JustChillBruh wrote.

 “You named 2 places. Compared to the rest of the country, it’s very rare,” Ahmaad replied.

User @nahdoe123 wrote, “it depends where you live, there still are real communities in the south and dmv but areas like new york and california are individualistic.”

Another Twitter user, @VictoryTrad, said Black communities exist, but the ones that still do aren’t given exposure.

“Tuskegee AL is an all blk County. but they’re not highlighted or known. Doesn’t mean they DON’T exist,” @VictoryTrad wrote. “Real issue is always once you are made aware of one or many will you live there, built there, support an protect it? We’re masters at identifying problems just not solving.”

What’s your stance? Do you believe there is still a Black community in America?

PHOTOS: A large group of African American children gather around a sign encouraging people to register to vote. (Ehoto: Wikimedia Commons, Est. 1960s) Black man wears shirt expressing pride in culture. (Flickr via Thomas Hawk)

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