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Dr. Hokehe Eko Launches A Virtual Clinic That Offers Autism And ADHD Evaluations For Children


Board-Certified Pediatrician Dr. Hokehe Eko is launching a virtual clinic for children with autism.

The mother of three boasts over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages as well as those on the autism spectrum. She also completed training to conduct autism diagnostic evaluations using the CARS standardized test, her website mentions.

“As a result of my experience, I am better able to differentiate between neuro-typical and neuro-atypical behaviors, and can also help identify if there are other factors at play, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, intellectual delays, or other medical conditions,” she said on her website.

Based in Oklahoma, Dr. Eko’s virtual clinic, Glow Pediatrics, is now open for consultations and will see patients located in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Maryland within a week, Black News reports. This is significant as the average national wait time for families seeking autism diagnosis evaluation is 27 months, per The Journal of Pediatrics.

“Early diagnosis and intervention are key to treatment and better outcomes for children, giving them the best chance at developing to their full potential, so it was important for me to do my part to solve this issue by offering quality care to children regardless of location,” Eko said, per Black News.

Kimberly Johnson, a native of Oklahoma, can vouch for the immediate impact of the clinic. Within just 10 days, her 4-year-old son Isaac received an autism evaluation, a contrast from the three waitlists he was on with other clinics that had wait times exceeding 15 months.

“Parents need to know there are options out there and not to give up,” Johnson said. “That diagnosis is a big deal. It opens up so much for your child for resources to support their needs and gives parents a sense of direction. Also working with Glow and Dr. Eko, I now have a plan and understanding on how to best care for him, including diet, sleep, etc.”

The clinic will also offer children help through The Glow Health Circle for community support and accountability led by a trusted physician, the company mentions. The circle will offer personalized treatment plans for ADHD and autism.

For those seeking aid, visit Glow Pediatrics’ website here.

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