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Duke Johnson’s Net Worth Is Thriving After Eight Seasons in the NFL


Football fanatics were surprised by word of Duke Johnson’s retirement this week, though the 30-year-old actually played his last game back in 2022. The University of Miami alum maintains the NFL league all-time record for leading rusher (3,519 yards). He candidly reflected on his decision to walk away from the game on Instagram, writing, “8 Years 4 teams with 1 goal in mind, create a better life for my family.”

“I never dreamed of being the all-time leading rusher of my dream school or being somewhere on the list of all-time players to come out of South FL,” Johnson’s announcement continued. ” I want to thank my GOD for allowing me to take this journey and end it in the same health I started it in. With that being said I’m officially retiring from the NFL. I hope I left a greater impression on y’all that’s bigger than football. To my wife and Son, all of this was for y’all.
GG’s in the chat 8 Ball Out.” Read on to explore roughly how much the former Running Back made during his time on the field.

Looking back on Duke Johnson’s Career

In 2015, Duke Johnson was drafted by the Cleveland Browns – the team he spent most of his football career playing for. His four-year contract was worth $3,105,092, but according to Over the Cap, the athlete only actually made $2,352,592, or 75.8% of that. In 2018 he signed an extension with the same team, three years for an astounding $15,610,000. In the end, Johnson only earned $5,967,000 (38.2%) of that before being traded to the Texans, who took on the $15M deal.

There, the father of one acquired $6,175,000 (39.6%) of that contract, but afterward, things became much less consistent. His one-year practice with the Jaguars was terminated, though he still made $28,000 in dead money. His next team, the Miami Dolphins, brought in $188,889 thanks to a practice contact in 2021, though that was just 19.1% of the renegotiated $990,000 he was hoping for.

Duke Johnson’s last year in the NFL came in 2022, at which time he served out a one-year practice contract with the Buffalo Bills. This marks the first time he earned 100% of what was projected in his contract, finishing strong with a $359,222 salary.

What Is Duke Johnson’s Net Worth?

Overall, Johnson’s career earnings are $15,672,425 based on Over the Cap’s projections. $13,001,592 has been guaranteed, and his largest cash payment was $5,967,000 in 2018. His time playing for the Cleveland Browns brought in $8.32M, the Texans $6.12M, and practice contracts with the Dolphins and Bills were over $1M when combined. While we don’t have exact details on Duke Johnson’s net worth, we’re willing to bet his wife and son aren’t fearing for their futures thanks to the athlete’s efforts.

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