Earn Your Leisure and Steve Harvey Assemble Lineup for Invest Fest London


Following a successful return to live programming with more than 14,000 attendees at a sold out Invest Fest in Atlanta, Earn Your Leisure announces (EYL) its bringing it to London Oct. 30-31, 2022.

This historic event will close out the United Kingdom’s Black History Month at storied landmark, the Royal Albert Hall. The first festival of its kind, Invest Fest was founded by Rashad Bilal, Troy Millings, Matthew Garland, and Michael MacDonald with a mission to revolutionize the way Black and Brown people secure wealth through a series of dynamic and inspiring conversations facilitated by financial empowerment educators and influencers.

Ending the UK’s Black History Month with Invest Fest London is important to the founders of Earn Your Leisure, as it celebrates and further educates future leaders of commerce and finance on the most impactful wealth building methods of today. People from African, Caribbean, and Southeast Asian backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British history and its great financial power. However, they are statistically the least educated when it comes to acquiring wealth. This festival will work to help close that gap.

“I feel that Black History is world history. To have Invest Fest close out Black History Month at the iconic Royal Albert Hall is not only a very symbolic and important gesture to the UK, but sends a message to the entire Diaspora,” says EYL Co-Founder, Rashad Bilal.

Both the Atlanta and London festivals were produced in partnership with entertainer, business leader and philanthropist Steve Harvey and Harvey Ventures. The London event will feature all stars Earn Your Leisure podcast hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, Terrence J, 19 Keys, Wall Street Trapper, Ian Dunlap, Patricia Bright and Matthew Garland, and more to be announced. Invest Fest London will include topics that will educate Black and Brown people on investing in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate, along with advice on how to market your business, maximize federal funding programs, and wealth-building. Additionally, attendees will gain greater understanding of estate planning, taxes, and the importance of securing adequate life and property/business insurance. Sponsorship will be provided by exclusive nightlife venue Tape London.

EYL Co-Founder Troy Millings said, “What we are embarking on is a financial revolution. The mission is to provide tangible and digestible financial information to the overlooked, underserved, and underrepresented on a global scale.”

Invest Fest will also include live podcast stages with interviews from well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities, as well as live performances from popular musicians. Tickets and more information on Invest Fest are available online at InvestFest.com.

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