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Economist Julianne Malveaux Calls On Biden To Issue Executive Order On Reparations


Economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux is calling on President Joe Biden to sign an executive order to do what Congress failed to do: create a commission to or reparations study and develop reparations proposals for Black Americans.

A former president of Bennet College, Malveaux is a longtime reparations advocate. She testified before Congress during one of the hearings about the H.R. 40 bill in favor of passing it. She also said President Obama “freaked out” when she questioned the then-state senator about his stance on reparations.  

Malveaux recommended Biden sign the executive order in an op-ed published in The Washington Informer on Wednesday, Dec. 7. 

Known for being direct and outspoken, Malveaux did not mince words when stating the legislation could have passed at least the U.S. House of Representatives by now.

“Had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) chosen to schedule a vote on H.R. 40, it would likely have passed, given its strong cosponsorship,” Malveaux wrote of the legislation’s most recent progress.

“While as many as 40 senators have supported the companion legislation, S-40, introduced by Sen. Cory Booker, reparations legislation was not likely to pass the Senate,” Malveaux continued. “With Republicans poised to take the House of Representatives, H.R. 40 won’t get a House vote. But President Biden can move the reparations movement forward by signing Executive Order 40 (#EO40), which could establish the commission that H.R. 40 requires.”

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Malveaux also noted several reparations advocacy organizations “ are urging President Biden to sign this executive order on Dr. King’s birthday in 2023.”

Currently the dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, Malveaux detailed how the wealth gap between Black and white Americans exists because of deliberate government policy that enriched whites while impoverishing Blacks.

She detailed examples of harms to Black people and their wealth, including the Tulsa Race Massacre, the failure to give Black soldiers the G.I. Bill, sundown towns, etc.

The only way to remedy it, Malveaux says, is to use deliberate government policy to achieve the opposite results.

“People who care about national reparations should reach out to their Congress members, especially the White House, to encourage President Biden to sign an executive order,” Malveaux wrote.

“We must also thank Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for her efforts. Callie House was not the first person to take the reparations struggle to the courts, and the struggle continues. President Biden can move the struggle forward with a supportive executive order,” she concluded.

PHOTOS: Dr. Julianne Malveaux. (Photo: Creative Commons via Lastwordprod). Copy of H.R 40 Bill. (YouTube)

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