Former Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Has Not Spoken to Son Since Finishing Rehab


There’s trouble brewing within the family of the former talk show host Wendy Williams. Reports claims that Williams hasn’t spoken to her son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., since finishing a rehab stint at a wellness facility.

The U.S. Sun reports that ever since Williams left the Malibu rehab facility, she hasn’t spoken to the 22-year-old Hunter upon returning home. The 58-year-old spoke to her son a month ago before she left the facility but hasn’t said a word to him since, a  source who is close to the family revealed.

“Wendy has not reached out to her son since she left rehab. While she was in treatment, they were talking but the minute she got out the communication stopped,” the source said.

“Kevin has been through hell this year with everything going on with his mom. It breaks his heart that things seemed to be going well while she was in rehab, but as soon as she got her freedom, she hasn’t reached out to him since.”

The source also said Hunter is finishing up his last year of school, but due to his mother’s lack of communication, it is affecting him.

“Kevin has been trying to stay focused and finish up his last year of school, but it’s been challenging having to deal with everything going on with his mother.”

Two months ago, the media personality checked into a “wellness facility” to “manage her overall health issues,” her publicist Shawn Zanotti told The U.S. Sun. 

Williams is attempting to get back to work, but instead of a television talk show, she intends to enter the world of podcasting.

The Wendy Williams Show aired from 2008 to 2022, but medical conditions forced her off the air for the past year and a half. An array of guest hosts kept the party going until the show ended earlier this year.

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