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Even if you have a powerful computer with the most advanced specs, you won’t get to maximize it if you don’t have the proper software. The key to productivity is having the right programs in tow, ideally ones with built-in functions that would allow you to execute all your tasks. But computers today rarely come with built-in apps, or if they do, they’re rarely useful. If you want to install top-rated programs, you have to shell out hundreds of dollars.

That’s why when deals like The Premium Limited Edition Mac Bundle pop up, it’s hard not to take advantage. It’s basically a collection of 7 well-reviewed apps and lifetime subscriptions for productivity, graphic design, video, security, and more. The best part? You’ll get all 7 for the price of a single app.

Microsoft Office 2021

Score a lifetime license to the classic MS Office apps you already likely use on a regular basis, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. With this deal, you can install all these programs on a computer for use at home or work, and you also get free customer service for life. 

Ivacy VPN

A recipient of the 2019 BestVPN.com Fastest VPN Award, Ivacy VPN renders you anonymous whenever you hop on the internet. It also lets you bypass geo-restricted content, thanks to its 3,500 servers spread across over 100 locations worldwide. With National Cyber Security Alliance being its official partner, Ivacy VPN is a big proponent of cybersecurity, privacy education, and awareness. 

SplashID Pro

Forget your passwords often? SplashID was developed to securely store confidential information like passcodes and financial records. It syncs your data with the cloud, WiFi, or not at all, and performs automated backups, so you don’t have to. Named a Top 6 Password Manager by CSO Online, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information remains safe from the hands of nefarious hackers.

VideoCom Pro

Create and share personalized and engaging videos without exerting much effort with this user-friendly platform. Whether you want to put together tutorials, demos, presentations, reports, and the like, VideoCom lets you record your screen and webcam with ease, share your videos online, upload, manage and store your existing projects, and track viewer management. With this license, you also get 256GB of cloud storage for housing your essential media.

Aside from these four apps, you also get XSplit VCam, which offers cutting-edge background removal and blurring, Mail Backup X, a one-stop solution for email management, and Live Home 3D Pro, a program that allows you to redesign or renovate your home using realistic design tools.

If bought separately, the apps that are part of the Premium Limited Edition Mac Bundle would set you back $1516, but for a limited time, you can get it all on sale for $49.99.

Prices subject to change.

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