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Grammy-Nominated Singer Bryson Tiller Reveals He’s Been Designing A Video Game For 3 Years And ‘Been Looking Into Internships’


In 2015, Bryson Tiller released his debut studio album, “Trapsoul.” In a Complex interview, the singer and rapper described the album as “a super slow burn.”

“Trapsoul” introduced the music industry to a new genre, a combination of Trap and Soul, and it is still appreciated by fans today. Its trajectory ultimately took Tiller from first releasing his music on SoundCloud to his debut album reaching triple-platinum status with over 5.8 billion streams in the United States, per RCA Records. 

What’s more, the singer-songwriter earned a Grammy nomination for “Best R&B Song” for “Exchange,” one of his hit singles, along with “Don’t” and “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Tiller shared that his success in the music industry reminds creatives that it’s important not to listen to outsiders for validation.

“People are going to love your sh-t, and they’re going to hate it,” Tiller told Complex during the promo run for his eponymous album released in April 2024. “Now, when I create music, I don’t really care if people hate it or love it. All that matters is if I love it. If it comes out and everybody hates it, it’s just like, ‘D-mn, I guess I’m a little crazy,’ but if I turn it on and it still sounds good to me, I’m happy.”

With four albums in, Tiller has revealed that he’s looking to pursue another passion of his that brings him happiness. Outside of being a musician, Tiller is an avid gamer. According to Forbes, his love for games transformed into him launching his own company, Trapsoul Games.

Taking things a step further, Tiller announced that his fourth album, “Bryson Tiller,” will be his last album until further notice so that he can fully pursue the gaming business.

“I just want to take a hiatus because my No. 1 passion is video games,” Tiller explained to Complex. “I’m a designer in my spare time.”

He continued, “I’ve been designing a game for the past three years. I’ve been looking into internships for different companies. That’s what I want to prioritize after this album comes out.”

While it’s pending what the exact next step on Tiller’s game design path will be, he is gearing up for tour mode. After touring in Europe, the U.S. leg of “The Bryson Tiller Tour” begins on May 11 in Portland, OR.

Artists tapping into the gaming industry are becoming increasingly popular. Hip-Hop artists like Soulja Boy, Megan Thee Stallion, and Tee Grizzley, to name a few, have seen profit in the sector. As reported by Yahoo Sports, Tee Grizzley has made $200,000 a month from playing games on his streaming channel.

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