Harry Styles Has Reportedly Signed A Five Picture Deal With Marvel Worth $100 Million


Harry Styles‘ efforts at branching into the acting business seem to be going well, if unnamed sources in communication with British tabloid The Sun are to be believed. According to a recent Sun report, Styles has signed a five-picture deal with Disney/Marvel Studios to play the character of Eros, which he already portrayed in a cameo in “The Eternals” last year, in another five movies. And the deal is reportedly worth some $100 million to the performer.

That’s including profit bonuses tied to the films’ box office performance, but with Marvel movies continuing to perform well, there’s no reason to think those performance benchmarks will be met and Styles would be able to cash in on their full value.

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One of the paper’s sources, described as an “LA film consultant,” had this to say about the deal:

“Harry was in Marvel’s sights for the last 18 months. Not only is he the biggest pop star of the moment, his star is so huge it transcends just film and music. Harry has the Midas touch and will be a huge deal bringing in different demographics and showing older comic book fans his talent.”

While Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige hasn’t confirmed the reported contract, he has affirmed that Styles would be back as his Eros character in future MCU projects, having done so in a recent interview with MTV News as well as the recent San Diego Comic-Con.

The news comes as Styles is set to have two big non-superhero projects on cinema screens this year. “Don’t Worry Darling,” directed by Olivia Wilde, is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, the same month that “My Policeman,” also starring styles, is scheduled to premiere in Toronto. Representatives for both Styles and Marvel have declined to comment publicly on the story.

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