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Here Are The Pieces Coming Together Pointing to CMG and Yo Gotti in Murder of Young Dolph


Since Young Dolph was tragically gunned down while picking up cookies for his family last November, rumors have swirled that rival rapper Yo Gotti was involved.

As more suspects are arrested in connection with the Memphis MC’s murder, those theories are getting louder. Now photos have surfaced of Yo Gotti’s brother, Big Jook, with Hernandez Govan, the suspect accused of ordering the hit on Dolph.

A popular hip-hop YouTuber, Hood Educated, has weighed in with his theories about the matter in a nearly 30-minute video. During the video, Hood Educated explains Young Dolph and Yo Gotti had a very public beef for years.

 “Young Dolph whole demonstration is that Yo Gotti is sneaking him, he ain’t putting his name straight out there like that, he’s sneak dissing him,” Hood Educated explains. “So what does Young Dolph do? Young Dolph say f*ck the sneak dissing sh*t. Young Dolph comes straight out saying Yo Gotti name saying nigga f u you a b … he disrespected Yo Gotti’s big brother Big Jook … saying he’s frontin’ Big Jook pounds and sh*t like that, keeping a n*gga on his feet.”

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As the feud raged, Hood Educated further explains Dolph said he slept with the mother of Gotti’s child.

“Now, we all know we hood n*ggas, not only that, I mean just anybody in the world, when somebody f*ck on your woman and sh*t like that, that do something to a n*gga,” Hood Educated continued. “I don’t give a f*ck who you is; how tough you think you is, where you from on the globe, women done got n*ggas killed. Let’s just be 100 about that.”

Later, Young Dolph’s SUV was shot over 100 times in Charlotte in 2017. Some said it was an attempt on Dolph’s life by CMG, but the accusation has never been confirmed and someone from Dolph’s own camp surrendered to authorities in connection with the shooting.

There is also footage of Young Dolph allegedly dissing Big Jook. “I thought I heard a fat, broke a*s n*gga man that I used to feed his gotd**n kids say something. P*ssy a*s boy,” Dolph says in a clip some say was directed at Big Jook.

Big Jook was also allegedly taken in for questioning by the police recently, but those reports have not been confirmed. 

That didn’t stop people on social media from convicting Gotti, Jook and CMG in the court of public opinion.

“Yo Gotti’s brother being seen in a picture with the dude who got arrested for putting together Young Dolphs murder shows how much they hated him. It took a team to plot plan and strategize on how to take Flippa out. Them boys was SICK Dolph was blowing up,” blogger Vada Fly tweeted.

“Big Jook big sour a*s put a hit on Dolph and couldn’t even get the flunky a*s niggaz he sent to do it a f*ckin lawyer, now they telling everything,” @JizzleIsBack wrote.

In addition to Govan, three other men were arrested in connection with Dolph’s murder. Cornelius Smith and Justin Johnson are accused of being the triggermen, while Jemarcus Johnson is accused of helping a suspect hideout and transfer payment for the murder, WREG reported.

Govan’s daughter, rapper Lotta Cash Desto (born Destinee Govan), was murdered in Houston on Sept. 24. There is speculation the murder was retaliatory.

Other YouTubers have done extensive videos showcasing what they say is evidence of CMG’s involvement in Young Dolph’s murder.

One video allegedly shows footage of Govan at Yo Gotti’s restaurant PRIVE planning the hit.

Yo Gotti and Young Dolph’s sister, Robin Mims, has blasted the accusations as “rumors” on social media.

“I really hate responding to social media but some things are just overwhelming,” Mims wrote in a post, according to another YouTube video. “This time last year ya’ll did my family like this as we concluded my mom’s bday wkn in Miami. From threats to my family to us losing business at our restaurant due to rumors.”

“Here it is 1 whole year later and as we celebrate my mom’s bday again y’all have started back at it,” Mims continued.

While many of the accusations haven’t been proven, at least one YouTube user thinks Hood Educated is on the right track. 

“I’m in Memphis and I’m following this closely. You are correct on several points, I’d like to add, that Big Jook was questioned and thinks he’s in the clear but he’s not,” a user identified as Jeff Lee, wrote in Hood Educated’s comments. “He stated he didn’t know Qutte that welll. Unfortunately, Quette’s daughter Lotta Cash Desto was killed, in Houston. Tx and Big Jook and Mims family appears in the acknowledgement of her obituary”

“It gets deeper but you’re on the right tract,” Lee continued. “This was a set-up and cover up. More is gonna come out. Salute to you!”


(L-R) Yo Gotti, left, with brother Big Jook / (Photo: Yo Gotti Facebook) / Young Dolph murder suspect Hernandez Govan, left, pictured with Bog Jook. (Photo: Twitter @ReddyRedd1976)

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