How Author Dr. Felder Celebrates Black Dads and the City of Detroit


A Day in the D With Dad by native Detroiter Dr. Kelli M. Felder is a feel-good story celebrating quality daddy-daughter time, outdoor activities, and the City of Detroit. This realistic-fictional book is told through the eyes of 12-year-old Michelle as she explores Detroit, Michigan with her dad. This story brings awareness, remembrance, and appreciation to some of the many jewels and fun things to do in Detroit.

The history of Black people in Detroit is a powerful testament to resilience, perseverance, and the pursuit of equality in the face of immense challenges. From the early 20th century onwards, African Americans migrated to the city in search of employment opportunities in the booming automobile industry. However, their arrival was met with systemic racism and discrimination, as they faced segregation, limited access to housing, and unequal educational opportunities. Despite these obstacles, black Detroiters forged a vibrant community, creating their own businesses, churches, and cultural institutions and music powerhouses that became the bedrock of their identity.


A Day in the D With Dad promises to leave Detroiters, Metro Detroiters, and Detroit visitors with a wealth of information about the “Motor City” and guarantees to have readers wanting to explore the original home of Motown Music.

As a native Detroiter, born, raised, educated, and employed in the city, Dr. Felder says that she was motivated to write the book to expose others to the beauty and richness her family and friends enjoy and experience in the D. She comments, “My goal is to inform readers that there is a lot of fun and learning experiences to be had in Detroit.”

A Day in the D With Dad is available on Amazon in paperback and as an ebook.

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