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How Tech Equity Collective, a Google Initiative, is Creating Holistic Pathways for Black Tech Innovators


Google has long been recognized as a technology leader. However, the tech giant is also leading the way in fostering inclusiveness within the ever-evolving realm of digital innovation. From groundbreaking products to visionary initiatives, Google stands as a paragon of diversity and a catalyst for change, embracing voices from all corners of the globe to shape the technological landscape of the future.

Tech Equity Collective (TEC) is one of Google’s latest initiatives you may not have heard about, yet further cements it as a technology trailblazer. TEC is designed to drive innovation by creating a tech ecosystem consisting of programs, community and industry partnerships that unlock opportunities for aspiring and emerging Black tech professionals.

What Makes TEC Special

TEC is unique in its approach to raising awareness within the Black tech community, encouraging both aspiring and emerging tech professionals to join the collective. TEC is available for individuals at different levels, including the following:

  • Tech users. Those open to considering Technical Careers in Tech.
  • Tech curious. Those who have an interest in Technical Careers in Tech, but may not have the background or experience to land a job right away.
  • Tech aspiring. Those who may have the technical experience and are currently navigating the application process.

It’s… Genius

Another way TEC is committed to supporting aspiring Black technical talent is through its Black Genius Academy (BGA) app, which is a career exploration app that provides resources and knowledge to help aspiring technical talent identify, enroll and succeed in tech education programs, with no prior technical education experience necessary.

Say you’re interested in careers in cybersecurity, software engineering, or even UX design. The BGA app has you covered. By enrolling you will be provided with interactive sessions from Black tech leaders to help you learn as you grow.  Personalized action plans are available to help outline the necessary steps to land a job in those career fields.

The app, which was created in collaboration with the job skill development platform Career Karma, also provides support through career coaching that will help identify goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and make informed decisions, as well as the invaluable opportunity to network with fellow aspiring Black tech professionals and those who are already well along their career path.

Hello, Partner

The TEC Impact Fund is another way the collective shows support for organizations that are driving Black tech equity within the United States. In February, during Black History Month, TEC launched the Impact Fund to distribute $1 million to organizations that reskill and upskill Black technical talent  who are ages 18+. Twenty organizations have been selected to receive $50,000 in non-dilutive funding and strategic support through the 2024 TEC Impact Fund. Learn more about their mission and work here.

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