Husband of Diddy’s Ex Seemingly Implies Music Mogul Is ‘In the Closet’ After Diddy Drops Breakup Song


Alex Fine, the husband of Cassie, seemingly responded after her ex-Diddy released a song about his breakup with the singer. Diddy dropped “Gotta Move On” on June 17, and the lyrics seemingly referenced Cassie and Fine.  

The “King of Hearts” singer and the 47-year-old music mogul reportedly dated for 10 years before breaking up in the fall of 2018. Diddy reportedly hired Fine, who is a personal trainer and professional bull rider, to train Cassie. She began dating the personal trainer soon after her breakup with Diddy, and he seemingly referenced the relationship on his new single. 

“You found a new man, so I gotta move on. Guess you got a new agenda with someone you barely know. I won’t say you’re wrong. Guess you had to move on.”  

Fine posted a reference to “Gotta Move On” on his Instagram Stories when he wished the LGBTQ+ community a Happy Pride month, along with resources for “people who are in the closet.”  

“Happy Pride to all my LGBTQ+ friends at LGBT foundation,” wrote Fine. “Attached is a charity that helps people who are in the closet and GOTTA MOVE ON. Along with other resources.” 

The Neighborhood Talk caught a clip of Fine’s Instagram Story and shared the post, with the caption. “Is Cassie’s man throwing a lil shade at Diddy or naw? 👀 😂 (The GOTTA MOVE ON in all caps).” 

Fans had jokes after viewing the post.

“A lil shade? That’s a whole California Redwood.” 

“Alex, tell us everything Cassie told you 👀 .”

“The all caps made the shade clear as day.”

The 35-year-old singer married 29-year-old Fine in 2019 in Malibu, California. The couple has two daughters, two-year-old Frankie, and Sunny, who was born on March 22, 2021. The singer shared a picture of Frankie’s second birthday celebration on Instagram last December. 

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