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I Lost $9 Million From Movie Role Because I Said No Covid Jab, F*ck The Jab!


Last year, there were reports Ice Cube walked away from a big role and $9 million dollar payday because he wouldn’t comply with a film’s mandate that all cast members get the covid-19 vaccine.

Originally, Ice Cube was due to star opposite Jack Black in the upcoming comedy “Oh Hell No.” At the time of his departure from the film, Cube’s camp declined to comment.

Now, the multi-hyphenate hip-hop legend, actor, writer and producer has opened up about the experience and confirmed the reports were accurate.

“I turned down the movie because I didn’t want to get the muthaf*cking jab. I turned down $9 million because I didn’t want to get the jab,” Ice Cube said. “F*ck that jab. And f*ck y’all for trying to make me get it.”

“So, you know, I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now. … They on some sh*t, but you know me too. I’m on some sh*t too. You know, Cube Vision,” Ice Cube continued, referring to his film and television production company. “Don’t worry about nothing. I got a lot of things up my sleeve.”

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The “Friday” franchise creator made the comments during an appearance on an episode of the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast released on Monday, Nov. 21.

He also clarified that he didn’t turn the money down but was denied the role because he wouldn’t let the film force him into taking the vaccine.

“I didn’t turn it down. Them muthaf*ckers wouldn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get the shot,” Ice Cube said. “I didn’t turn it down; they just didn’t give it to me. … I didn’t catch that [covid-19] sh*t at all. F*ck ’em. I didn’t need that sh*t. … I got lucky but I ain’t gon’ take no sh*t I don’t need.”

Users on Twitter were divided over the statements. Some praised Ice Cube for his integrity, while others called him ignorant.

“As a music journalist I interviewed Ice Cube twice. Once in NY and once at his mum’s home in LA. Despite the hype surrounding him, I found him to be a well-grounded person,” Sonia Poulton tweeted. “I am not at all surprised he turned down $9m for a film that insisted he be Covid-19 jabbed. Integrity.”

“This isn’t integrity from Ice Cube. This is ignorance. Someone else says here it was a ‘plandemic’ as if COVID was the first time in history a pandemic has happened,” attorney Exavier Pope weighed in. “How do you think they were able together? A combination of mitigation methods that brought down deaths & cases.”

“That’s right wesside. @icecube has always been a real one,” @dwannb tweeted.

“Who’s paying Ice Cube 9M dollars? Chile, this man is a huge disappointment. He really out here sounding mental,” @WonderKing82 wrote. “He can say f*ck Covid vax, he’s worth 160M, he has the means to take care of his family with the best Healthcare possible if they would’ve gotten sick but us, we don’t.”

“I am 100% pro choice. Good for him! Stand for what you believe. I needed to keep my job to live my life so I took it. Truly glad he was in a position to have a choice,” @Dubs4LifeCrew tweeted. “As the dust settles, many are finding it wasn’t a good nor a necessary thing.”

“Imagine fumbling a $9M bag all cause you scared to get a harmless vaccine,” @sjs856 wrote. “The vaccine ain’t nothin but mRNA, sugar, salt, fat, acetic acid, and some buffers. Dawg! Stupidity will cost you.”

Despite his refusal to get vaccinated, Ice Cube did his part to help others during the covid-19 pandemic, according to HuffPost. He released a t-shirt line with proceeds going to first responders, promoted makes wearing and donated masks to students, the report said.

PHOTO: Ice Cube performs on day three of Riot Fest on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022, at Douglass Park in Chicago. (Photo by Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP)

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