Ice Cube’s Son Defends His ‘Work Ethic’ Against Nepotism Criticism for Role as Dad in Biopic


Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. is responding to a viral article calling out the Hollywood figures who benefitted from nepotism.

While Jackson wasn’t named directly in Vulture’s “Year of the Nepo Baby” cover story, the actor found it necessary to explain why he doesn’t qualify as a “nepo baby” due to all the hard work he put into launching his acting career.

The Just Mercy star went on a Twitter tirade on Tuesday sending out a series of messages defending his career, despite receiving his first acting role playing his father in the 2015 biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

“My dad told me in a perfect world, I would play him in straight outta compton,” Jackson wrote. “I was already in college for screenwriting at USC.”

The 31-year-old Los Angeles native shared the grueling process he endured before securing the role he admitted his father already wanted him to have.

“I accepted the challenge. And auditioned for two years before getting the role,” Jackson continued. “After that it was up to me, he couldn’t hold my hand through my career.”

Jackson went on to share how hard he had to work to keep his acting career alive after making such a big onscreen debut.

“I had to get my ass up and make it work. From the roles I chose. The work ethic I put into them. My professionalism on sets and promo tours,” he shared.

“Even leaving HIS agency and goin to find a team of my own. Once the door was opened it was up to me to walk through it and thrive.”

Jackson continued. “But none of that. NONE. OF. THAT. Happens that way without the love of my father,” he added. “The work he put in to get us to a place of opportunity. And for me to ignore that or not accept and use as a guide would be foolish and disrespectful. I am grateful and I use his teachings daily.”

Jackson went on to send love to anyone who’s able to benefit from the lanes their predecessors paved for them.

“I say this to say. To the people who are 2nd, 3rd or any number of generational talent/wealth. Embrace that shit. Because it’s something that’s been happening for centuries,” he tweeted. “Do not let anyone get it in your head that you should feel bad or your accomplishments are less than…”

Jackson ended his rant by encouraging everyone to build a legacy for their family to benefit from in future generations.

“May everyone who reads this, blaze a trail for their family to be able to walk in the future,” he wrote.

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