Introducing Brianna Harmon Of The Millennial Mommies Club


Equipped with a degree in broadcast journalism, Brianna Harmon, the founder of The Millennial Mommies Club, ventured into the world of media straight out of university.

However, six months into her stint as a reporter for REVOLT, Harmon was unexpectedly thrust into motherhood, briefly throwing her career into disarray. Now a mother of two, the journalist manages to maintain her career and the responsibilities of motherhood, with some assistance.

Harmon was able to handle her surprise pregnancy with the help of two friends who were also pregnant at the time. This sisterhood led Harmon to a realization: mothers need a support system to handle the trials of motherhood. This revelation inspired her to launch the show, The Millennial Mommies Club.

Though she has not had a completely seamless journey, which she reveals in her episodes on YouTube and social media, Harmon has shared her expertise so that mothers like her can achieve everything that they have dreamt.

In a world where women are often pressured to be the “ideal” mother, and to do so effortlessly, Harmon wants to let other mothers know that it’s okay to have help and to not be perfect.

Through her podcast and monthly events hosted for mothers and babies to enjoy themselves, she wants to reshape what motherhood looks like and inspire mothers to establish a support system for themselves.

Dedicated to creating a safe space for Black women to build community and celebrate the joys of motherhood, this club has expanded into Georgia, Nevada, and Florida. Since becoming a mother, Harmon has also written a book, titled I’m a Big Sister Mommy Told Me. Written to help only children cope with becoming an older sibling, her book was met with tremendous success – so much so, that there is discussion of a sequel.

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