Jalen Rose Ignores Sister Who Blasts Him Over ‘Kicking Her Out’ of Late Mother’s Home


Family drama has entered the life of a former NBA player as his sister has taken to social media to disrespect him for making a move that she does not like.

According to The Shadow League, current NBA basketball analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose is embroiled in what appears to be a family feud with his sister.

Rose’s sister, Tamara Rose has taken to social media to blast him for his plan to sell the home he bought for his mother who died less than two years ago. She currently lives there and states she had been taking care of their mother when she was alive.

Tamara took to her Instagram account and posted a now-deleted message to tell the world that Jalen was selling the home she lives in. The video Tamara posted was reposted by Gossip of the City (gossipofthecitytea) shows her chastising her brother in front of another woman. She speaks into the camera as she refers to her brother as an idiot as he is seen walking in the home with the woman as Tamara continues to call him out about wanting to sell the home.

Their mother, Jeanne Rose, died after a bout with cancer in February 2021.

“My MOTHER passed 20 Months ago! I am still grieving her loss!!! How dare you bring ANYBODY in here to go in My Mother’s room!!”

“This man is acting as if I do not exist and I do not live here! It will be 4 years in March. He has always said, I don’t know what it is about Detroit ni$$as, I’ve been all over the world but it summin about Detroit ni$$s they think somebody supposed to take care of them!!! I’m not just sum ni$$a off the street! I’m you SISTER, grew up in the same house with you, took care of you, raised you! You would do this to me! You let these white people see you treat your Sister this way with no conscious, heart or soul! The way I’ve been bullied, threatened, taunted, harassed, disregarded and disrespected us totally.”

Jalen Rose hasn’t commented publicly about the situation between him and his sister.

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