JCPenny Commemorates Black History Month, Launches Another Collection With Hope & Wonder


In light of JCPenney’s first anniversary with Hope & Wonder, a private label brand the company created to honor those commemorating what it described as “cultural observances,” the retailer is planning to release another Black History Month collection. 

The items usually include clothes, accessories, and house products. Last year, when JCPenney launched Hope & Wonder, the company contributed $100,000 of its sales to a nonprofit organization called Black Girls Smile.

According to a release, Black Girls Smile provides Black women “with education, resources, and support to lead mentally healthy lives.” On January 9, JCPenney’s Hope & Wonder announced it is collaborating with Black Girls Smile again. They also plan to donate this year’s Black History Month collection earnings to the nonprofit. 

In a statement released by Black Girls Smile founder Lauren Carson, she expressed how happy she was about JCPenney’s continuous “support” of the company. 

She said, “Black Girls Smile is extremely excited to partner with JCPenney for the second year to celebrate Black History Month. Our continued collaborative partnership helps BGS to expand our programming and initiatives focused on uplifting and empowering the mental health and well-being of Black women and girls. We truly appreciate the continued support and encouragement from JCPenney’s team and community through the commitment to honoring and celebrating Black history and Black wellness.”

JCPenney’s BIPOC designers developed Hope & Wonder’s Black History Month collection. Several individuals and their families were included in the ads seen online and in stores. Since then, the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Andre Joyner, shared that it was important for JCPenney to create these pieces because it wanted to impact “the lives of diverse American families” positively.

He said, “JCPenney continues to pull inspiration from not only our customers’ wants and needs, but from our dedicated associates and their families. We believe in honoring Black History Month and other cultural moments that resonate deeply with our associates and are committed to making a positive impact within the lives of diverse American families.”

JCPenney’s Hope & Wonder Black History Month collection is on sell now.

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