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Magic Johnson Says He’s ‘Living In An Answered Prayer’ After Becoming Co-Owner Of NFL’s Washington Commanders


“God is so good…I still can’t believe it! I am currently living in an answered prayer,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “Since beginning my journey as an athlete and now businessman and team owner, it’s all been a dream that has come full circle. I grew up playing football as a kid, I’m a huge NFL fan, and I watch games every week. Now, I get to co-own a storied franchise, the Washington Commanders.”

He continued, “I’m especially thankful to Josh Harris who allowed me to be one of his partners with the Commanders. He is an amazing man, great friend, incredible businessman, proven owner and winner with the Philadelphia 76ers. Josh and his team have been first class throughout this entire process. Our ownership team is committed to the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia community and fanbase to bring a winning team and best in class organization.”

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