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Meet Deidre Mathis, An Entrepreneur Who Reportedly Opened The First Black-Owned Hostel In The US


When she was 32 years old, Deidre Mathis stamped herself in the history books for her work as entrepreneur.

Forbes reported at the time that Mathis had been rooted in the hospitality sector, which stemmed from her experience solo traveling and residing in hostels while in Greece.

“I’m a big solo traveler,” Mathis told the outlet. “I met these fabulous women, and we formed this amazing bond and continued to travel together for a year and a half, doing nothing but staying in hostels.”

That’s why in 2018 her experience would push her to launch Wanderstay Hospitality Group, which is described as a Houston, TX-based multi-concept hospitality brand, according to Mathis’ LinkedIn. Mathis would support her venture with a raise of over $5,000 in 31 days from the support of Houston community. She also obtained a small business loan.

This led Wanderstay Hospitality Group’s ventures to include (Wanderstay Boutique Hotel), which boasts 10 rooms, and (Wanderstay Houston Hostel), which includes 27 beds.

Since its inception, at least 30,000 guests have resided on the properties, according to information shared on Wanderstay Hospitality Group’s LinkedIn.

What’s more, Mathis has accomplished two feats with her presence in the hospitality sector, starting with opening the first Black-owned hostel in the United States, Forbes noted. Additionally, she opened Houston’s first Black-owned hotel, according to information provided to AFROTECH™.

“The fact that I had this goal and dream, and the fact that I made it come true two years after I had the vision — that’s almost unheard of,” Mathis reflected in 2018, per Forbes. “I meet people all the time, and they say, ‘It’s taken me six or seven years to get my business off the ground.’ So the fact that I had this imaginable amount of desire and passion and the fact that I got it done in two years makes me incredibly happy.”

Today, Mathis’ dedication to the business remains steadfast. Most recently, she joined an accelerator program created by Fiverr, which is set to be completed in June 2024. The purpose of the accelerator is to provide early-stage Black entrepreneurs based in the U.S. and Canada with capital resources, mentorship, and education, per its website.

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