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Metro Boomin Went From Being A Morehouse College Student To A Grammy-Nominated Music Producer With An Estimated $45M Net Worth


The production tagline on Metro Boomin’s beats, “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gone shoot you,” is more than a cultural statement — it’s rooted in the long-time friendship and business partnership he has with Atlanta, GA, rapper Future.

Emerging from St. Louis, MO, Metro Boomin, born Leland Tyler Wayne, has carved his name in the annals of Hip-Hop history. His talent and ingenuity have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, with his production credits and collaborative acclaim spanning chart-topping songs with Drake, Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, and The Weeknd, among others.

It’s About More Than Rap For Metro Boomin

While Metro Boomin’s catalog is predominantly rooted in Rap and Hip-Hop, his music is a testament to his diverse range of influences. From the Pop icons that shaped his early musical journey to the eerie soundscapes of horror movies, his unique blend of inspirations is a fascinating insight into his creative process.

“Michael Jackson. He was always inventing sh-t and reinventing himself and his style. Green Day, just because, when I started making beats back then, they had that sh-t out, “American Idiot.” Just the sonics of that sh-t—that whole dark, moody vibe,” he said during a 2017 phone interview with GQ. “I naturally, when I make beats, aim for a darker tone just because I’ve always preferred those types of feelings. More than any artist, I feel like horror-movie music influenced my music more than all that sh-t.”

Morehouse College Was A Launching Pad

The 30-year-old’s career trajectory has experienced many high points, but the momentum can be pointed back to his short time at Atlanta-based HBCU Morehouse College. After sending Future 15-20 beats at a time while in high school, Future and his team finally responded, saying they rocked with his beats.

One day during Metro Boomin’s only semester at Morehouse, Future dropped the song “Hard,” and hearing it blast across campus was the beginning of things changing for the “We Don’t Trust You” producer.

“From that point, now that I’m in Atlanta, me and Future in the studio every day,” Metro Boomin said on the “Full Send Podcast.” “Like, I would spend time every day. From school, I would go to the studio with Future, and that was like my everyday thing.”

Admitting to GQ that he needed to drop out of school to fully pursue music, Metro Boomin went full-time into his passion. His life’s work led him to three Grammy nominations, 16 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and an estimated $45 million net worth.

Lessons Learned And Paying It Forward

Although a traditional college route wasn’t the road Metro Boomin’ decided to travel, he did not minimize the privilege it was to be at such a competitive school like Morehouse College. The producer combined that perspective with his success and created a scholarship fund for high school students.

“Looking back, I was like, ‘D-mn, you know how many young kids in St. Louis would kill to go to Morehouse?’ I know it because I’m from St. Louis. I’m from a black family. I know how many kids would kill for that but can’t pay for it,” Metro Boomin reflected to GQ.

He continued: “Because that was one of our problems, too—it was like, ‘Man, this sh-t is expensive.’ So it was just like, man, if I could just give someone else the opportunity I threw away because someone else could’ve been in my chair, I want to be putting people in there.”

Beyond music, Metro Boomin shares his knowledge to help up-and-coming producers find their way and hone their craft. Alongside peers, Zaytoven and Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin was part of the Red Bull Music Academy. He is also a partner for the fragrance brand Axe.

@metroboomin Just thinkin why yall haven’t bought all the new @AXE Black Vanilla from the store yet 🤔 #AxeSmellsFiner #AxePartner ♬ original sound – Metro Boomin

No Stops In Sight For Metro Boomin

With a recent release of “We Still Don’t Trust You,” joined by long-time collaborator Future, Metro Boomin is still releasing music impacting culture. His song “Like That” earned him his first No.1 hit as a credited billed artist, according to Billboard.

Continuing to build his music catalog is a decisive move as he navigates toward the future of his career. A previous post from AFROTECH™ noted that Metro Boomin sold a portion of his catalog for almost $70 million. While that move was lucrative, with new albums and at least three in the pipeline for 2024, Metro Boomin is well on the way to rebuilding a musical base that remains in his possession.

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