MoodWellth Open Space for Black Women to Receive Mental Wellness Support


The culture is always awaiting the next company for Black women by Black women.

Entrepreneurial duo Lynnette Price and Renee Patterson have launched the digital company, MoodWellth, a space for Black women to receive content, connection, and support for mental wellness through a holistic lifestyle approach.

“Our mission is to provide affordable mental wellness support in a safe space for Black women who wish to become more intentional in their well-being practices, who want to feel supported on their journey, and who hope to be understood and inspired along the way,” the website explains.

According to a press release, the app launched in May 2022 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matters protests. The platform was created for Black women with or without a diagnosis to address their mental health concerns.

“Though the suicide rate has gone down in general, it has increased for Black people. With increased racial trauma on top of a pandemic, the need for Black women who are often the caregivers for our families, to have mental wellness strategies specific to our experiences has also increased,” said Price, a hypnotherapist and health coach.

The MoodWellth app features one of the largest virtual libraries for Black women by Black women surrounding mental wellness.

“From the colors of the app to the many different hues of our skin, I wanted to design a virtual home where Black women felt like they belonged as soon as they opened the app,” said Patterson, MoodWellth’s co-founder and chief creative officer.

Additionally, the company provides products that are relevant to the needs of those on their wellness journeys.

Members have access to Black women who are trained experts in psychology and social work as well as grief coaches, life coaches, fitness experts, and nutritionists.

In 2021, the Global Wellness Institute reported on the demand for more inclusivity among virtual wellness platforms designed to support the emotional well-being of Black people.

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