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Finance is a reality of life that requires a strategic focus, and it has received more attention recently with the growing number of people dipping into retail investing.

Today, it’s more important than ever to understand your finances. Whether it’s the basics, like how to manage your wealth, or more advanced topics like stock trading, there is always more to learn.

If you find yourself among those wanting to test their hand in the stock market, look no further than Tykr Stock Screener. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to the pro plan for just $119. That’s a savings of more than 86% from its MSRP ($900) due to the Back to Education deal. Use Coupon Code STOCK for $20 Off. As a bonus, for every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of proceeds will be donated to students or kids in need, and you’ll get to vote on where the money goes!

Tykr takes the guesswork out of investing, allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable in your journey to financial freedom. With this software, it takes under a minute to locate great investment opportunities. There’s support for more than 30,000 stocks on the US and international markets.

You get information on smart investing and learn how to reduce risk when playing the market. Additionally, you will learn finance fundamentals, recommendations on which companies are worth exploring, and score other expert advice to strategize and grow your wealth.

Tykr Stock Screener is currently rated 4.9 stars.

It works like this. Tykr offers a summary of a stock with three recommendations: on sale (potential buy), watch, or overpriced (potential sale), A score is then given, along with a margin of safety rating regarding your returns in the market.

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Any desktop or mobile device can access Tykr Stock Screener via an application. Updates are offered for the life of your subscription.

Twenty-three verified reviewers have rated this product 4.5 stars.

“Really helpful to see an in-depth analysis for numerous stocks. The information provided makes diversifying your portfolio a little easier,” writes 5-star reviewer Pushpak Patel.

The stock market has provided a financial safety net for many over the years, as people have used it along with 401Ks and other retirement vehicles. Tykr is akin to having a personal financial advisor. Purchase it today while it’s available for a limited time.

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