New York Woman Fatally Stabs 11-Month-Old Son And 3-Year-Old Son


A New York woman stabbed her two children to death in the Bronx on Nov. 26, according to NBC News.

Dimone Fleming, 24, allegedly stabbed her 3-year-old son Deshawn Fleming and her 11-month-old son, Octavius Canada, at the apartment in the homeless shelter they were staying in located 246 Echo Place.

Deputy Chief Louis De Ceglie of Patrol Borough Bronx said that both boys died after suffering from wounds to their necks and torsos. De Ceglie said that officers arrived on the scene in response to a call about a “female acting erratic, but non-violent, with no weapons” at around 7:20 p.m. 911 operators were told that the woman, later identified as Fleming, was trying to set things on fire in the kitchen. The police arrived to find Fleming nude and “acting irrational.”

Fleming was taken to the St. Barnabas Hospital around 7:50 p.m. Another 911 call came through minutes later about “two unresponsive babies not breathing at the same location.”

The little boys’ father found the children in the bathtub hidden underneath a pile of clothes after the police left with Fleming. The father and Fleming had a fight the night before and he slept in his vehicle. He said he was alerted by a friend that 911 had been called about Fleming and returned to the apartment and found his babies in the bathtub.

One of Fleming’s neighbors, Shannon Holyfield, said she heard the babies’ father screaming.

“He was screaming hysterically,” she said. “He was screaming, ‘Help me!’ And I came and opened my door, and I see him coming down the hall with the two boys in his arms.

“They were dead. They were dead. There was blood everywhere, it covered them.”

Francis Pimentel was visiting his mother who lives across the street and said he saw Fleming acting erratically outside the building earlier as he waited for a taxicab.

“She was walking and stopping and turning around and walking and stopping with both hands on the back of her head saying, ‘What I did?! What I did?!’ I went up to her and said, ‘Miss, are you OK?’ and she stopped and looked at me, her face was crazy, and then just kept walking back and forth stopping and saying, ‘What I did?! What I did?!’”

A neighbor who said she lived directly below the couple said that the boys’ father was nice but that Fleming seemed disturbed.

“He’s very polite. He always holds the door for me and my son. He has a job. I don’t know what he does, but I know he works. She just looked like she was never in the mood. The mother, she just always looked like she was out of it. She just looked like she was always sad.”

Fleming is currently in custody while the deaths are being investigated.

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