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No One in American Society Gets Judged More Than A Straight White Male


Despite losing a slew of corporate partnerships and business relationships after making comments many have deemed antisemitic, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West is still speaking his mind without filter.

During a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Ye said straight white men are the most persecuted.

“There’s nobody that gets judged more than a straight white male. The straight white male has the least amount of a platform to even speak,” Ye said in an interview with Piers Morgan.

He expounded on his opinion by providing examples.

“A straight white male can’t say, ‘My wife hurt me today’ because people will say, ‘Well, you’re hurting women.’ A straight white male can’t say, ‘Hey, a Black employee didn’t come in to work on time,’ because then people will say you’re racist. A straight white male can’t speak on a homosexual person because they’ll say you’re homophobic,” Ye continued.

His comments sparked debate on social media. Some decried Ye’s comments as ridiculously false, while others said he was telling the truth.

“Straight white men are… 45 of 46 US presidents, 71 of the 100 US senators, 95% of CEOs, 85% of executives, 68% of college presidents, 68% of television execs, Owners of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…but Kanye says they have ‘the least amount of a platform,’” Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted in response.

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“Kanye West saying that straight white males don’t have a platform, while being pushed off his platform and losing deals with companies headed by straight white males, is a song so beautiful, it’s almost like he produced it….oh wait,” writer Kyla Lacey tweeted.

“Have to distinguish between Jewish and white, while they look the same and have similar lineage the philosophical ideologies and backgrounds are very different and those percentages you list are mostly Jewish not white,” Twitter user @siccs7 replied to Swan.

“The reality of what Kanye is saying ultimately is that it’s a current agenda of some to push propaganda on the majority of people,” @tap3000 tweeted. “This agenda isn’t being done in simple ways. Imagine how much of a platform that exists for heterosexual Black Men and Women.”

“What he said is true. If a black woman stated she only wanted to marry/date black men to keep her bloodline “pure” & black, she would be praised,” @SargeAU wrote. “If a white man said the same thing but stated they wanted a “pure” white bloodline, they’d be deemed racist. Plenty of more Ex’s.”

“WM put themselves in that position. Kanye, unbeknownst to him, is STILL a black man in America,” @IAmthatIAm1 tweeted. “His argument FOR the empathy of Straight WM, is a moot point. When you have power & privilege, not the illusion of it that Ye has, don’t seek empathy from those without it.”

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