Oprah’s Deeply Religious Beliefs Ruffled Country Singer’s Feathers in Interview That ‘Went Sour’


Country singer Shania Twain is opening up about her dinner date with Oprah Winfrey that “went sour” after the topic of religion came up.

The Grammy Award-winning singer appeared on the Table Manners podcast with host Jessie Ware and recalled her “dream dinner” with Winfrey that went left due to their opposing religious views.

While Twain credits Winfrey for being “a very smart lady,” the two celebrities disconnected because of how “religious” Twain felt like Oprah came off.

“It was great to just sit and have real talks, but as soon as we started talking about religion, it all went sour,” Twain recalled.

“So, I said, ‘Let’s stop talking about religion!’”

Twain says Winfrey, 68, is “quite religious,” while the ‘“You’re Still The One” singer says she isn’t “dedicated” to any one religion.

I’m much more of a spiritual person,” she said. “I would say I’m a seeker.”

Twain was open to discussing the topic but soon learned that Winfrey wasn’t budging on her spiritual views.

“There was no room for debate, and I like to debate,” Twain explained. “Canadians like to debate everything. So, I’m like, ‘Oh, OK. It’s time to change the subject.’”

Twain walked away from the dinner with a new outlook on tackling topics of religion and spirituality.

“Everyone always says never talk about politics or religion,” she said.

Winfrey is very open about her spiritual beliefs and experience growing up as a woman of strong faith.

“I hear people say all the time, “I’m not really religious, but I consider myself spiritual,” Winfrey told AARP in October 2015.

“I definitely have always been spiritual, being raised by my grandmother on that little acre in Mississippi, indoctrinated, born into the church and the ways of the church.”

When it comes to her religious beliefs, Winfrey remains open-minded while acknowledging the importance of church and religious leaders.

“I believe I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. I know who and what holds the future,” she said. “I trust that beyond this space and time, all is well, and all will be well.”

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