Pinky Cole Is Expanding Her Slutty Vegan Restaurants To Alabama


Black female entrepreneur Pinky Cole has captivated the vegan food market in Atlanta with her Slutty Vegan restaurants. Now she’s expanding the operation to Alabama.

Essence reports Slutty Vegan is expanding into Alabama, opening a new brick-and-mortar location in Birmingham. The site will be heading into its second weekend since opening on Aug. 21.

Slutty Vegan is a 100% plant-based restaurant serving burgers, sandwiches, and meals. It has been a productive summer for Cole and Slutty Vegan. The Birmingham location will be its sixth store, and Cole plans to open another restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, where the entrepreneur opened her first restaurant.

“We are so excited to sluttify all of Birmingham!” Cole told Essence.

“This location is extremely special to us — it’s our first location outside of Georgia, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of your community. We hope you are ready for us because Slutty Vegan is ready to serve an experience to each and every one of you.”

Earlier this summer, Cole was appointed DoorDash’s second-ever chief restaurant advisor, an industry-first role designed to better connect the perspectives of restaurant operators to decision-makers within the company. Cole also recently got engaged this summer.

“Putting the pandemic aside, the restaurant industry is unpredictable. I’m excited to get to work with DoorDash to ensure restaurants will have appropriate resources to succeed regardless of the hand that’s dealt,” Cole said in June.

“Being a restaurateur is by far one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever had. But through experience, I have learned to maneuver through this industry in a way that allows me to connect with the customer to identify what they like and what they don’t like. I am thrilled to be able to use this expertise to support the DoorDash team in decision making that will ultimately help this organization better connect with the people.”

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