Reality TV Star Trina Braxton Files Police Report After Somebody Keyed Her Car Voting in Georgia


Voting contention in Georgia is at an all-time high ahead of the 2022 midterms, and reality television personality, Trina Braxton is the latest victim of voter intimidation.

The Braxton sister from WE tv‘s, Braxton Family Values, posted a video on Instagram showing that someone had keyed her car. The singer and sibling of the iconic R&B artist, Toni Braxton, said the incident happened while she was voting at the “Aquatic Center off of North Bogan Drive and Gwinnett,” in Georgia—a predominantly white area according to Braxton.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported that Gwinnett County was just 30 percent Black in 2020.

“I went in to go vote. I came back out, and somebody keyed my car,” Braxton said in the video.

Braxton showed a key mark from the back door to the tail light of her car. The Braxton Family Christmas, singer said she was so upset that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

“I can’t believe people can be so cruel. My car didn’t do anything to anybody.”

She shared that voting was one thing she needed to do before attending her soon-to-be daughter’s bridal shower. Braxton’s husband, Von Scales, was out-of-town according to the reality TV star. Although, her sister Towanda Braxton was a phone call away and told Trina to calm down after the star said she filed a police report. Police, according to Braxton, told her to let her insurance company take car of the damage, but she refused.

“I’m not going to let my insurance company handle it because I didn’t do it,” she said.

Tamar Braxton, the singer’s sister and reality TV co-star commented on the video:

“Atlanta ghetto chile smh.”

The singer warned viewers that cameras were around the community center and that she plans to get an investigative report.

Voter tension has left workers feeling threatened in Georgia. CNBC reported that extremists claimed they would have a worker “hung for treason.” The state created a text alert system for workers to report threats at their polling locations to deal with voter intimidation, according to NBC.

Georgia’s Secretary of State reported that as of Oct. 26, a record-breaking 1,017,732 voters had already cast their ballots during Early Voting, which began on Oct. 17.

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