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Remembering The Popular Book From The ’90s ‘From Niggas To Gods’: 7 Things To Know


There was a book called “From Niggas to Gods, Part One” that was published on Dec. 1, 1993, and written by Akil and Andre Akil. The book became a must-read by Black activists and Black intellectuals.

Here are seven things to know about “From Niggas to Gods, Part One.”

1. About the book

“From Niggas to Gods, Part One” is a compilation of individual essays written during the summer-fall of 1992. The essays are designed to inspire thought within the Black Mind. These writings are primarily targeted the Black Youth.

2. Readers rave about book

Many reader reviews call the collection raw and uncut, pointing out the authors’ straightforward, no-hold-bar style of writing. The book discusses the state of Black America and how Black Americans can become masters of their own lives rather than having society control their lives and futures.

Most who reviewed it on Amazon gave it five stars, with most calling it informative and a must-read not just for Black youth but for Black adults as well.

3. About the author

Co-author Akil has other books as well, such as: “The Goddess Blackwoman: Mother of Civilization (’12 Lessons’)” from 1996 and “There Are Only Two Religions in the Whole World,” also from 1996.

4. A gateway

Many of the people who purchased “From Niggas to Gods, Part One” on Amazon also purchased Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad’s 1965 book, “Message to the Blackman in America.” One review on Amazon noted, “From Niggas to Gods, Part One” was “essentially the gateway to further reading of the life giving teachings of Elijah Muhammad.”

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5. Book publisher

The book was published by Lushena Books. Other books published by the company include:
“Black Man of the Nile,” “Black Power & The Garvey Movement,” and “The Black Panther Party Reconsidered.”

6. Book chapters

There are more than 25 chapters; here are some of them: “You Are Still a Slave,” “If the Black Woman is a ‘Bitch,’” ‘That Makes You a Son of a “Bitch,” “God the Gangster,” and “Friendly Whitefolks?”

7. Followup book

In 2020, the authors released a followup book called “From Niggas to Gods, Vol. II: Escaping ‘Niggativity’ & Becoming God.” It focuses on how, according to the Amazon summery, “Niggativity is that deadly mental disease killing-off the Black Community; making us live like slaves, even though we born free.”

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