Retired Trauma Surgeon Talks How Vitamin D3 Plays a Role in Possibly Reducing Violent Incidents Amongst Athletes Suffering from CTE


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As the discussions surrounding traumatic brain injuries and concussions continue, athletic coaches and supporters are seeking ways to predict and possibly, prevent violent incidents from happening.

While research on the links between traumatic brain injuries and violent behavior gets more in depth, Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews has discovered that a low dose of Vitamin D was prevalent in every case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) diagnoses. CTE has begun to apply heavy pressure to athletic teams, specifically in the football community.

Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews is no stranger to the media regarding his medical expertise. He is the first person to receive a patent for the treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries involving the usage of Vitamin D3, and most recently received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his work and service surrounding Vitamin D3. He has also consulted with top school athletic departments and athletes, including Kirby Smart of University of Georgia and Nick Saban, of the University of Alabama.
Dr. Matthews’ lead the charge in the treatment for high school football player Jordan Sloane. Jordan is the first football player to survive the detrimental brain injury he sustained. Jordan’s aunt contacted Dr. Matthews personally to assist Jordan with continued treatment, including a high dosage of Vitamin D3. Matthews continues to be involved in Jordan’s recovery and watches in awe of the progress Jordan has made, especially after including Vitamin D3 into his regimen.

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