Rumor Has It Lori Harvey Makes Men Sign $1M NDA to Date Her


Lori Harvey’s status as one of the most sought-after “it” girls on the Hollywood socialite scene garners a lot of gossip about her dating life.

The latest rumors following Steve Harvey’s daughter links Lori, 25, to Snowfall star Damson Idris, 31, Hot New Hip Hop reports. Elsewhere, it’s been alleged that Lori might even make her dating prospects sign $1 million non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to prevent them from talking about her romantic life.

“Lori makes [all the men] sign an NDA to make sure that whatever they talk about is personal and confidential,” a friend of Harvey’s allegedly said.

Additionally, the alleged NDA bans men from “saving any screen captures of their discussions or communications, including any video conferences,” they share with Harvey. The “air-tight” NDA allegedly prevents those who date the socialite from sharing any photos or text messages exchanged with the SKN by LH founder.

Amid news of the rumors hitting the press, fans and critics alike have been sounding off on social media, praising Harvey for what they deem as a boss move.

“Lori Harvey issuing NDAs with a 1M penalty to men before dating them is 🔥,” one fan tweeted.

“Seeing that Lori Harvey makes men sign NDA’s with up to a million dollars penalties before dating them explains why we never hear about her business,” one user wrote.

“I really see why Lori Harvey makes men sign NDA’s before dating her. Men talk too much,” added someone else.

Since ending her romance with actor Michael B. Jordan in June, Harvey hasn’t publicly dated anyone. Rumors that she’s dating Idris are just that and haven’t been confirmed by either party or through photos.

The Capricorn beauty is likely keeping her dating life private, considering the strong public response that follows her long list of famous exes. From Michael B Jordan to Future to Memphis Depay, Lori has plenty of reasons to make a man sign an NDA to date her.

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