Sergey Brin’s Ex-Wife Nicole Shanahan Is Reportedly Seeking $1 Billion Divorce Settlement, Claims She Signed Prenup “Under Duress”


A month ago, most people had probably never heard the name “Nicole Shanahan.” In retrospect, that’s somewhat impressive considering Nicole spent roughly four years married to one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet, Google co-founder Sergey Brin. As of this writing, Sergey’s $96 billion net worth makes him the world’s sixth richest person.

Thanks to a series of recent stories, Nicole Shanahan is becoming a bit more of a household name.

And Nicole will definitely be a household name if she is successful in extracting the $1 billion+ divorce settlement from Sergey that she is reportedly seeking…

(Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures )

[The photo above of Sergey and Nicole was taken on September 25, 2021. That would have been about two months before Nicole had an alleged tryst in Miami with Elon Musk, one of Sergey’s oldest friends.]

According to new reports that just came to light, Sergey and Nicole are currently involved in divorce mediation. Though he and Nicole have a prenup, Nicole is reportedly challenging that prenup by claiming she was forced to sign “under duress while pregnant.” As such, a source speaking to the Wall Street Journal claimed Nicole is reportedly seeking…

“more than $1 billion”

Nicole and Sergey have been together since 2015. They married in 2018 and have one child together.

By our count, on the day Nicole and Sergey married in 2015 his net worth was $55 billion. Today Sergey Brin’s net worth is $96 billion.

At the beginning of July, word leaked that Sergey had filed for divorce from Nicole. Sergey actually filed for divorce in January, but as the case made its way through the Santa Clara, California, court system, a status update in early July made the filing public knowledge. In that filing Sergey listed his official date of separation from Nicole as December 15, 2021.

On Sunday, July 25, the world learned the alleged reason Sergey filed for divorce:

Elon Musk

In case you missed the news, which exploded on Sunday, about Nicole and Elon, here’s really quick summary:

According to a source who apparently dished the dirt to the Wall Street Journal, Sergey filed for divorce in January after finding out that Nicole and Elon had an affair one month prior.

According to the source, Elon and Nicole had a fling during Art Basel in early December 2021. Art Basel took place from December 1st through 3rd, 2021. We snooped through Elon’s private jet flight records and sure enough, on the afternoon of December 1st he flew from Austin to Miami. He landed at around 9:45 local time.

Elon’s jet left Miami for a return trip to Texas at 1:45 am that same night (technically the early morning hours of Dec 2). Elon was in Miami for a total of four hours. When you subtract ground transportation to and from Miami wherever the fling occurred, we’re talking about 3 hours on the ground to allegedly have an affair. That doesn’t seem like an accidental fling that “just happened.” It appears to be a planned in-and-out affair, allegedly. Pun intended.

To make matters worse, Sergey and Elon have been close friends for decades. During separations from previous relationships Elon has bunked at Sergey’s house for weeks at a time. They’ve attended each others’ respective weddings. Sergey was one of Elon’s very first investors in Tesla. Sergey and Google saved Elon’s skin with a strategic investment in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis when the car company was circling the drain.

They are both brilliant immigrants who made enormous fortunes starting in Silicon Valley.

Let’s assume Elon and Nicole had their alleged affair on December 1st. Sergey filed for divorce basically 30 days later. As we stated previously, in his filing Sergey listed their date of separation as December 15. What happened between December 1st and December 15? Seems pretty obvious word got back about Elon and Nicole’s Miami tryst.

Elon came out swinging on Monday, denying the affair occurred. He even sent a photo of him and Sergey at an event to the NY Post that apparently was taken over the weekend.

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