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What is Skeletor’s Net Worth?

Skeletor is a bestselling author, pitchman, real estate developer, and intergalactic villain. Skeletor has an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion, but this figure could be off by +/-15% given the difficulty of valuing real estate on other planets.

Early Life & Biography

Skeletor was born into a royal family and raised as prince of Eternos, the most powerful nation on the planet Eternia. Unfortunately for Skeletor, his brother, Randor, was chosen to succeed their father as king. Skeletor remained in the royal circle for years, silently plotting his path to the throne. After a failed coup attempt, Skeletor was cast out of the royal family.

In addition to his business dealings, Skeletor is largely preoccupied with reclaiming the throne, gaining control of Castle Grayskull (a source of great power), and defeating his nephew, Prince Adam. More details on Skeletor’s life and background are available in his recently released autobiography, I, Skeletor.


What might have ruined other royals proved to be a turning point for the disgraced former prince. Skeletor claimed vast tracts of land for himself, renovated a long-dormant and architecturally unique mountain lair, and has worked his way up to becoming one of the most formidable and recognizable villains in the known universe. He transformed infamy into opportunity, launching multiple new businesses that generate significant revenue.

Real Estate

Skeletor controls a huge swath of the planet Eternos known as the Fright Zone. This overlooked location has huge development potential and he claimed the desolate wasteland for nothing.

Skeletor has also extensively renovated the abandoned lair of King Hssss, the emperor of the Snake Men who once terrorized Eternia. The identity of the architect behind Snake Mountain is unknown, but it is a space of rare terror and, to some, beauty, that would surely fetch a significant prize on the open market, perhaps as a second or third home for an evil billionaire who grows bored of Earth.

Technology Licensing

Although Skeletor himself has some experience with robotics and bioengineering, today he primarily directs his subordinates in their engineering efforts, including the talented inventor Trap Jaw. Much like the technology licensing deals common to leading universities, Skeletor then sells the rights to manufacture Trap Jaw’s inventions to various Eternian parties, along with the evil residents of numerous other planets. He earns an estimated $25 million in annual income from this division of his enterprise today, but as he expands to new markets, including Earth, that figure could grow significantly.

Spokesman & Licensing

As one of the most recognizable villains in the multiverse, Skeletor commands significant fees as a spokesman. He also earns a percentage of every t-shirt, lunch box, Halloween costume, and ugly sweater bearing his image.


Typically CNW does not account for criminal or illegal operations in estimating the net worth of notable individuals, but we would be remiss if we failed to mention that Skeletor earns an estimated $45 million annually by directly or indirectly (having his minions do it for him) raiding different Eternian villages and cities, plus distant planets, intergalactic spaceships, and hidden dimensions.


He has claimed that his new autobiography – I, Skeletor – earned him a $10 million advance. While this is roughly consistent with advances paid to other world leaders and celebrities, CNW was not able to verify the veracity of this claim, as mentioned above, and we will do our best to track down the actual figures and adjust the subject’s net worth accordingly.

More details on Skeletor’s life and background are available in his new autobiography, “I, Skeletor,” which is available wherever books are sold, on multiple planets. And here is a convenient Amazon link for those who wish to purchase from earth.

Art & Collectibles

Skeletor also maintains an extensive collection of Skeletor Action Figures, additional Masters of the Universe toys, and artworks with a combined estimated value of $850,000. The vast majority of the figures are mint-condition collectibles in their original packaging; his many Skeletor figures are particularly pristine. While he is reported to have dozens of classic He-Man Action Figures in his collection as well, these are typically chipped and broken in various places. His collection of Castle Grayskull playsets is similarly damaged, especially in and around the Jawbridge. Finally, Skeletor also has several dozen floor-to-ceiling paintings of key events in Eternian history; one Rothko; and a handful of Bob Ross originals.


Skeletor’s life story and business journey are proof positive that losing out on inherited wealth isn’t the end of the world. Through grit, determination, cheating, and extensive illegal operations spanning multiple solar systems you can still amass incredible wealth and achieve success.

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