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The official birthdate of the internet is January 1st, 1983. Many scientists and engineers have spent their lives trying to bring human beings together through technology since the early 1900s. Even Nikola Tesla had a vision of a “world wireless system.” Fast forward to today, at least 5.03 billion people (63.1 percent of the world’s population) have access to the internet, and 4.62 billion people use social media apps to connect. I can easily communicate with someone in Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Japan, or Egypt by just signing on to a social media app. Social media should be considered heaven-sent for entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses, especially start-ups. Unfortunately, some business owners aren’t fond of social media or don’t know how to use it to  elevate their brand. 

Which Platforms to Engage With

In today’s climate, the social media apps that help my business connect with people the best are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. These apps already have millions of people on the platform, so your odds of connecting with people will be very high.

What Kind of Content to Create

Many entrepreneurs struggle with making content and connecting with people while also trying to communicate their products to potential customers.

Kyle Anfernee Simpson, CEO of The Neighborhood Talk, which is an urban lifestyle, music, entertainment, and celebrity news publication that has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, gives away a few tips on how his business connects with people.

Simpson says, “When it comes to our platform we try to have a good balance of stories, videos, and just other types of relatable content. We don’t have a set format because you never know how the day is going to be. One day you may see 15 stories on the page, and the next you might see only two, but funny videos and other engaging content. The goal each day is to find stuff you connect with and don’t force it.”

It’s important to be relatable while creating content. Some people want to feel seen or motivated. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone while creating content. 

How to Expand Your Reach 

This step is the most difficult because it takes time and consistency. When we first start, many want instant success, but it doesn’t work like that at all. You have to study different ways to create content to expand your audience. 

Entrepreneur, actress, and host of the “Hot Tee” talk show, Tamera “Tee” Kissen, has over 3.7 million followers combined on Instagram, and Tik Tok reveals the most effective ways to increase your audience on social media.

Kissen says, “Creating content and engaging with your supporters will take you a long way. Pay attention to what your audiences like to see from your account. Don’t be afraid to spend money on social media marketing. Collaborate with social media influencers and do a giveaway on your products for free or at a discounted rate to keep your customers happy. Most important to stay consistent, don’t let numbers discourage you.”

Make the Algorithm Work for You

Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a user’s feed based on relevancy instead of their publish time. If you don’t understand what algorithms are or how they work will find yourself facing a constant struggle to grow.

The social media mastermind and CEO of Blakk Smoke, Blakk Tatted, explains the importance of algorithms: “It helped me learn who my main audience was so that I can know what type of content to create and post and that would cater to that group of individuals. Studying algorithms on my social media pages also helps me understand things like what times my followers are most active so that I know when to post.”

Studying algorithms is a very efficient way to catapult your business. Social media platforms make changes every day. So staying on top of the algorithm will help you in the long run.

Bottom Line

Your business can benefit from using social media tools, no matter what size it is, to connect with your audience, reach new potential customers, and increase brand awareness. If you find something that works, expand your audience and your efforts. The advantage of social media for any size business is that you can use their tools however you see fit, depending on your business and budget at any given moment. 

It can be both overwhelming and frustrating to navigate the world of social media marketing. In case you’re having trouble elevating your marketing efforts don’t get frustrated. It’s better to start small than to overwhelm yourself with the possibilities.

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