Social Media Influencer Jayda Cheaves Hosts First Annual Jingle Jam Toy Drive Event in Atlanta


Social media influencer and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves is giving back in a big way this holiday season by launching her inaugural toy drive event.

On Sunday, Cheaves took to Instagram to share the results of her first of many Jingle Jam toy drive events.

“Today was such a success,” Cheaves captioned her post.

“Thanks to my @waydaminbrand team for helping 💕 Thank you @jmcallisterevents for the beautiful decor 😍 and thanks to all the guests who came out and enjoyed this amazing experience with us it was every bit of perfect everybody left HAPPY. And that’s what it’s all about 🙏🏽”

In a follow-up post, Cheaves gave her fans a behind-the-scenes look at the toy drive event through her “vlogmas” recap.

“I promised y’all Vlogmas & I’ve been really executing with the help of @quanshotit and this fast turnaround time! Head over to my YouTube now (LINK IN BIO) we tryna get it back lit over on that side 😭”

The Atlanta community anxiously awaited the event that sold out all 300 tickets soon after it was announced, Madame Noire reports.

“So instead of doing 300 tickets we had to end up doing 400,” Cheaves said. “Just because — I’m like — there’s no way 300 people checked out that fast, absolutely no way. So we added 100 more tickets.”

After a successful inaugural toy drive, Cheaves is already looking to make the event “bigger and better” next Christmas.

“Everything was just how I imagined — even more,” she said.

“So I’m glad we got to experience this. I’m ready for next year already. And next year is going to be bigger and even better — it’s just amazing.”

Cheaves has been making bank as an entrepreneur since her teenage years. Many know her as the on-and-off girlfriend of platinum-selling rapper Lil Baby.

But Cheaves has also made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur. She is currently a highly sought-after social media influencer and sells merch from her Waydamin line. Cheaves also stars in the BET+ reality show The Impact ATL.

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