Sopranos Star Drea De Matteo Explains Her Move To OnlyFans Amid Real Estate And Career Struggles


If you’ve watched any of the now classic HBO series “The Sopranos” you are undoubtedly familiar with Drea de Matteo, who played Christopher Moltisanti’s long suffering girlfriend Adriana throughout most of the series. If you haven’t seen her in anything in a while that’s because, in her view, she has been all but completely banned from Hollywood. That’s why she recently launched an OnlyFans account!

De Matteo started an account on OnlyFans in August. She recently told Fox News Digital that her acting roles have dried up because of the antivax beliefs she regularly shares on social media. But a Daily Mail report shows she’s also been dealing with the struggles of real estate investment ever since her East Village apartment was destroyed in a gas explosion that claimed three upscale apartment buildings back in 2015. Two years later, she spoke to the New York Post about her financial situation and her attempts to get restitution for the loss of her apartment:

“I do want to be repaid, mainly because of my heartache, stress and [not] being able to cover the cost of living in NYC…People think, ‘She’s on a TV show, she’ll be fine.’ I’m not one of these actors who’s rolling in money.”

Then, last year, de Matteo reportedly had to sell a family home in the Hamptons which ended up going to interior designer Whitney Noelle and tech entrepreneur Damian Mogavero, a married couple who purchased the property for $3.1 million.

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Earlier this year, de Matteo made another real estate move by putting her four-bedroom Hollywood Hills home up for sale for the first time in almost 20 years since she bought it in 2004 at the height of her “Sopranos” stardom. She priced the almost 3,500-square-foot home at $3.8 million, reportedly slashing the price by $200,000 a month later. Then, the house was taken off the market for a while before being put back on, once again with an asking price of $3.6 million.

Since purchasing the home in 2004, ownership has gone through various permutations, sometimes with her as sole owner and other times with a co-owner, having most recently taken out a mortgage on her own on the property in 2022.

With all this going on at the same time as her outspoken statements she claims ostracizes her from Hollywood productions as well as ongoing writers and actors strikes, the time was evidently right for de Matteo to capitalize on her stardom with an OnlyFans account. She charges $15 a month for exclusive content on the platform, and her page is listed with a single phrase: “THE SOPORNOS.”

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